The Bio Phuzion skin range is dedicated to improving and healing acne reducing scarring and cleansing pores, healing and rejuvenating skin


Bio Phuzion Acne Exfoliator with Enzyme for Problem Skin helps to unclog pores thus reducing and preventing breakouts.


Bio Phuzion Anti-Bacterial Toner helps eliminate excess oil and restores balance to acne-prone skin.Tea Tree Oil assists with antibacterial properties.


Bio Phuzion Anti-Septic Pimple Lotion is a  drying Solution is a powerful formulation that helps to dry out pimples.


Bio Phuzion Facial Moisturiser with SPF15 for face and neck skincare provides moisture and sun protection while helping to repair and restore the signs of hormonal aging.


Bio Phuzion Foaming Cleansing Gel penetrates deep into the skin to help fight blemishes where they begin.