Blu Phuzion provides the skin with long-term moisturising benefits leaving it softer, fuller and more supple. Suitable for all skin types.


Blu Phuzion™Anti-Ageing Facial Moisturising Serum hydrates the skin resulting in the softening of lines and wrinkles.


Blu Phuzion™Anti-Ageing Mask is a luxuriously rich cream mask which helps restore a firm, resilient tone and relieves dehydrated skin


Blu Phuzion™ Cleansing Milk lifts away make-up and impurities with spa-like efficiency.


Blu Phuzion™ Colloidal Silt is naturally occurring bioactive silt, which is rich in organic components and is ideal for nourishing, moisturizing and treating skin.


Blu Phuzion Creamy Apricot Kernal Scrub  is an ideal exfoliator for face and body. Made of finely ground apricot kernels, the exfoliating action is gentle, yet effective.


Blu Phuzion Deep Active Cleansing Mask gives your skin an extra deep cleansing treatment and assists with the removal of toxins.


Blu Phuzion™ Deep Hydrating Mask is an  intense hydrating mask deeply nourishes the skin, instantly infusing it with moisture to give a plump and glowing complexion.


Blu Phuzion Exfoliator with Enzyme helps to unclog pores thus reducing and preventing breakouts.


Blu Phuzion™ Exfoliation with Granules is a pumice exfoliator that gives the skin a polished and renewed look


The Blu Phuzion™ Facial Cleansing and  Moisturising Mask contains a large number of specially selected waxes and moisturisers to give protection and moisture to the skin.


Bio Phuzion™ Facial Moisturiser with SPF15 for face and neck skincare provides moisture and sun protection while helping to repair and restore the signs of hormonal aging


Blu Phuzion™ Facial Intelligence Serum is a unisex anti-ageing face serum.  It helps fight ageing with the latest cutting edge ingredients, namely:  Skin Repair Bio, Celligent® and: Phyto - Milk.