Eat Art African Spirit, is an artisanal, 8-tube collection of herb and spice blends inspired by areas of Africa most affected by the plight of the African Rhino


Eat Art Butchers Block is an 8-tube collection of delicious spice blends packed into large glass tubes


Eat Art Carnivore Club Spice Blends is a trendy collection of spice blends paired according to popular global meat pairings


Eat Art Chilli Addict Sauces is only for the brave! A punishingly HOT range of sauces.


Infuse Your Booze is Eat Art’s artisanal collection of spices to ‘lift your spirits’, whilst providing a wonderful gifting solution that is perfect for any friend who loves to experiment with spice!


Eat Art Art Of Tea is a gift box that has a select variety of exotic loose leaf teas to suit every mood, housed in glass tubes and presented in a slide box


Eat Art’s contemporary Himalayan Pink Rock Salt & Grater gift pack celebrates pink Himalayan crystal salt in its purest form, combining chunks of salt with  stainless steel mini grater.


Add delicious flavour to your traditional meal with the lovely The Pepper Trade. This unique pepper set includes an array of variants to enjoy. These individually packaged spices boast tube-like holders with a silver screw on cap which makes this set the perfect gift for someone special.