PerfectAire is an air cleansing system which harnesses the properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial essence to  wash and sanitise the air.

R799.00 R699.00

PerfectAire Uniball, a sophisticated and beautifully designed unit, seamlessly integrates into any modern home or office


PerfectAire Bliss, a basic model in our range of air purifiers comes in six rich shades of beautiful colors for you to choose from. Given its compact size, the PerfectAire Bliss  is designed to take up minimum space and to deliver a great impact to your environment


Covers 70m², available in 6 colours with a blue LED light and negative ion generator


The PerfectAire EGG has the added advantage of being an ioniser as well as a purifier. It has coloured lights.


PerfectAire Leaf, our very first model is still an ever popular model. Marketed for more than 10 years, its basic design and functionality prove to be one of the hot favourite among users.


The PerfectAire Rainbow emits colour infused water as more than just a hue, It expresses a feeling and reveals your personality. With its rainbow colourful LED lights, you can choose to share your feelings or choose one of the rainbow colours to set your mood.


The PerfectAire Sea Shell is a simple and affordable air cleansing and purification system that purifies and deodorises indoor air.


PerfectAire Spare Bowl – please make sure you choose the right model


The PerfectAire Star Fish, brightly colored design attracts the young minds, It promotes creativity, fun & energy.


PerfectAire Uglobal was designed with a thin aluminium cover that comes in colours so fun that it is hard to choose just one. It comes in four metallic colours – gold, silver, purple and blue- So incredibly rich and vibrant!