Himalayan salt is often utilised in the same way as table salt; it’s used for cooking, seasoning and preserving food. What’s unique about Himalayan salt, however, is its availability as salt blocks that may be used as serving dishes, cooking surfaces and cutting boards


Eat Art’s contemporary Himalayan Pink Rock Salt & Grater gift pack celebrates pink Himalayan crystal salt in its purest form, combining chunks of salt with  stainless steel mini grater.


This pure pink Himalayan crystal salt is unprocessed and non-iodised, so it retains all those healthy natural nutrients and contains no chemical additives. This is the salt and pepper of choice for the health-conscious cook.


Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium and manganese. 


Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium and manganese.


This salt inhaler is the simple, natural and drug-free way to treat allergies, sinusitis and respiratory problems.


Himalayan salt (pink salt) has a natural abundance of trace minerals, which help to keep dietary deficiencies at bay and promote the overall wellbeing of horses, livestock, wildlife and even pets.


This candle holder is really something special; it’s made from pure Himalayan crystal salt, so it cleanses the air as it lights up your home. Light it in your living room, your kitchen or your bedroom 


These smooth round massage stones are made from pure pink Himalayan salt (pink halite), giving you a wonderfully therapeutic massage experience.


One-of-a-kind and absolutely beautiful, these natural fire bowl salt lamps are hand-shaped from select chunks of the finest, most potent salt crystal in the world.


Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab will add real flair to your table; it looks great, plus it adds a subtle salty flavour to your food with no need for extra seasoning.


Enhance the beauty of your living space while cultivating a sense of warmth, positivity and wellbeing for your family. 


Stainless Steel Himalayan Salt Block Holder Easily and safely cook, carry, and store your Himalayan Salt Slab.