This very unusual and intimate portrait of Zelda la Grange’s time with Nelson Mandela as his personal secretary is as heartbreaking as it is memorable. 


Fictional accounts of the Grail top best seller lists around the world, but the real truth is far more exciting. This entertaining and informative book seeks to trace the evolution of the Grail myth from the prehistoric religious beliefs of our distant ancestors to the present day.  Historian and Grail scholar John Matthews shows how [Read More]

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Healing with the Fairies is Doreen's very personal story of how the fairies helped her deal with a divorce and prepare for a spiritually based relationship. In this truly inspired book, you'll see how the fairies introduced Doreen to her lifelong soulmate, and you'll also learn about the fairies' incredible powers of manifestation.

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Renowned author Susan Smith Jones shares the secrets of health and diet success that her private clients pay thousands of dollars for.


It has been said that India is impossible to sum up in words. It has a unique aura and mystery, a unity in diversity of cultures, faiths and spiritual viewpoints

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An instrumental journey through Africa

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The bestselling author, metaphysical lecturer, and teacher brings you her inspirational book, Life!, in which she deals with growing up, relationships, work, spirituality, our elder years, death . . . and many of the problems, fears and challenges that these passages bring.


Low carb is lekker is the brainchild of Inè Reynierse, who embarked on a mission to make the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle an achievable, budget-friendly reality for her friends and family.

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An authoritative overview of the world of complementary and alternative medicine from the experts at the Mayo Clinic and showcases a broad spectrum of popular therapies, remedies, practices, and procedures--from acupuncture to yoga.


A photographic guide to the most commonly used and best known South African plant medicines, including their botany, main traditional uses and active ingredients.

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Medicinal plants of the world is an scientifically accurate guide to the best-known and most important medicinal plants, including those of special commercial or historical interest.


Dr. Rankin discovered that the health care she had been taught to practice was missing something crucial: a recognition of the body's innate ability to self-repair and an appreciation for how we can control these self-healing mechanisms with the power of the mind.

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