Christmas Weighted Gonks 35cm


Our Christmas weighted gonks will be a delight and and just like those mischievous elves our gonks will brink you good luck.

In stock


Christmas gonks — unique little figurines with long bushy beards and knitted hats — are often considered to be the Nordic version of Santa Claus. Inspired by gnomes and hobgoblins found in Scandinavian and Nordic mythology, their popularity has been continuing to surge over the years.

They are meant to be something like a mix of a gnome and a hobgoblin. In the original folklore, these curious little creatures were said to take a liking to barns or houses in the colder seasons. If families treated them well, they were said to protect the family and give them good luck.
Like gnomes, gonks are characterised by their small stature and long, white beards. Unlike gnomes, however, a gonk’s facial features are virtually hidden, with only a button nose peeking out beneath the brim of a stocking cap



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