Healing, Chakra balancing THETA meditations

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MindSync – Healing, incl chakra balancing THETA meditations with John Homewood

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Use powerful sound technology and guided imagery to entrain the brain in THETA and bring total balance to the mind, body and energetic systems.

Especially effective in stress-related illnesses, and even jet lag!

Tap the healing powers of THETA, and also balance your Chakras! The healing process can be tremendously enhanced and speeded up with the combined use of binaural sound harmonics, music and positive guided visualisation – unlocking the body’s natural ability to balance itself.



Besides the powerful embedded MindSync® sound-harmonics, track 2 gives you a wonderful guided walk along a beach at sunrise, where you focus on the red colours of the sunrise reflected in the sea & sky, and then through the orange and yellow colours as the sun rises higher.These represent the first three energy centres in the body.


You are then magically transported off into a rain forest; where you focus on the green of the heart centre, then onto a beautiful blue lake, where you clear the throat and communication/emotion centre, then on to open your intuitive third eye.


By this time you find yourself in a beautiful dell with a waterfall at the far side.  You bathe under the waterfall, washing all the tension, stress and toxicity from every cell in your body.


After this cleansing and detox, you are lifted up in a violet bubble, and taken high up above the Earth where you are given guidance and insights into your life’s journey.

You are then brought gently down and back into your body, feeling refreshed and re-energized for the rest of the day.

MindSync-Healing Q.R.T. includes a booklet and audio CD program containing:

1. – A Spoken Introduction – 9 min.
2. – The Healing River – 28 min.
3. – Healing River (no voice) – 28 min
4. – SleepAssist – 15 min.

As more and more is discovered about the human condition, we realise the truth in what Einstein believed, that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. If you can ‘see’ it, you activate the power to ‘be’ it. The subconscious is so incredibly powerful in determining our physical reality and well-being. What goes on in our imagination can and does influence what ultimately manifests in our body. MindSync-Healing has been specially designed to unleash the positive power of your mind to work for your healing.

Fact is that our body consists mainly of empty spaces, held together by energy! The distance between electrons and protons in our body is roughly equivalent in ratio of that between the Sun and planets in our solar system. What makes us appear solid is indeed not hard, solid physical matter, but it’s vibrational and energetic system that is in a constant state of renewal and regeneration. We are, in reality, 99.9% space – just vibrating energy.

The difference between good health and poor health, or dis-ease, is the frequency of vibration and balance at the energetic level. Mind-life energy permeates every cell, every molecule in our bodies. It controls not only the frequency and rate of vibration in every molecule but also the metabolism in every cell.

Our Mind is able to focus and influence this life energy. One of the most effective ways of tapping into and focusing this powerful subconscious mind-energy is though the use of positive visualisation; using the immense power of your imagination.


Focused visualisation instantaneously influences our inner subtle energetic systems. Research has shown that when visualisation is combined with relaxing music and special stereo sound harmonics, it can have a profound and beneficial effect on the healing process.

Enjoy using this programme, and the journey back to improved health and vitality!