PerfectAire Egg Ioniser


The PerfectAire EGG has the added advantage of being an ioniser as well as a purifier. It has coloured lights.



A simple and affordable air cleansing and purification system that purifies deodorises and ionises indoor air.
The EGG units have an ioniser fitted, giving you have the benefit of air purification and ionising all in one.
Other stand-alone ionisers attract the particles, which become sticky on the unit and on the surface around it and can become unsightly and “dirty”, whereas the PerfectAire units trap the particles in the water. PerfectAire air purifiers that use water and ionisers fitted into one unit are unique clean and effective.
Offers relief from the symptoms of polluted indoor air
Breathing difficulties and asthma
Allergies, rashes and itchy skin
Headaches, dizziness and fatigue
• Sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and a runny nose
• Lowered mental concentration and lower productivity
Purifies and effectively revitalises the air within minutes
• Eliminates cigarette smoke.
• Eliminates air-borne viruses and bacteria.
• Prevents mould and fungi growth.
• Removes mould, pollen, dust and other contaminants.
• Neutralises malodours such as pet smells, smoke and paint fumes.
• Aerates, refreshes and cleans stale indoor air, anywhere.
• Safe for children and pets
Eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi by up to 99.99% 
Has coloured lights that can be switched on or off!
The Egg has the added benefit of producing negative ions. When ocean waves crash onto the beach, they do more than entertain beachgoers. Moving water, moving air and sunlight all cause air molecules to break apart, releasing charged atoms, or ions, into the atmosphere. Scientists claim that there is an abundance of negatively charged ions in the sea air and that they have health benefits such as improved respiration, better circulation and improved moods. Area’s like the ocean, waterfalls and countrysides have a large number of ions in the air whereas offices, normal households and smoking areas are lacking in these ‘air vitamins’ . This is one of the reasons why we feel so much better by the ocean, waterfalls and countryside. The Egg will add negative ions to your air (1,000,000 per cm3) giving you the benefits of negative ions in your home or office.
Must be used in conjunction with the PerfectAire botanical solutions. (listed separately)
Please do not put hot water in the bowls and do not put the bowls in the dishwasher as they will melt.


• Rated power 40 watts
• Water tank volume: 0.75L
Weight: 2.3Kgs
• Coverage area: Up to 80 Sq Meters
• Height : 325mm
• Diameter: 210mm
• Generates negative ions. The ionizer count is 1,000,000 per cm3
  • 1-year guarantee
  • The guarantee does not include the bowl, it is only for the lid (the motor is included in the lid).

A choice for GREEN living, the PerfectAire is innovative and sassy

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