Signs of sexual attraction


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There are many ways to show we are attracted to someone. Watch your body language next time you are with a prospective partner and you will be surprised at the signals you give out.

Eye Contact

We use this to connect with people and show that we are interested in what they are saying. A lingering glance shows that we would like to get to know this person better.

Dilated pupils

An involuntary response, caused by a surge of adrenaline brought on by arousal. It is a sign we all recognize, if only subconsciously.


Reaching over to touch a person, lightly on the arm, for example, can work wonders in bonding with someone and breaking down physical barriers.

Mirroring Movements


Often we copy people’s movements a few moments after they have made them without realizing. It is a way of saying “I am on your wavelength and feel and react that same way you do”

Leaning forward

The way two people sit or stand together speaks volumes. When we are interested in someone, we naturally turn our bodies towards them, so we become ?in tune? with them.


Gestures such as running hands through the hair and stroking the neck draw attention to attractive features.

Revealing gestures

A woman tipping her head to one side, for example, indicates this is where she would like to be kissed.

Raising eyebrows

This instinctive facial reflex, lasting only a moment, gives a visual sign that we find someone attractive.

Facebook Flirting

How easy to connect via the internet these days, you might make friends with someone that you start chatting to. How do you flirt online? On facebook you can “poke” the other person or start chatting to see if there is any connection at all in the interests of hobbies that you. There is the opportunity to send private messages but respect the other person at all times. Also safety is a prime concern as you are not sure if the person is who they say they are. If you do meet for the first time choose a busy public place.




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