SOQI Wellness Centre opens in Cape Town

SOQI Wellness Cape Town is the first of the SOQI franchises to open in the Western Cape. SOQI uses the MEAD health analysis device to test the 12 meridian points of the body so we can accurately gauge the true causes of your health problems.

The SOQI therapies consist of the FIR Hot House, The Chi Machine, The e-power machine, a lymph drainage and slimming machine and enzyme therapy. This combines thermal, motion, negative ion and nutritional therapies to bring your state of health back up to an optimal level. SOQI is an effective, affordable and non-invasive treatment option for all kind of chronic health conditions as well as problematic skin conditions (eczema, burns, scars) and weightloss.


Suite 201, Block B, Tokai Village Centre, Corner Vans & Tokai Rd, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Maddy – / 081 4624698/ 021 7120934