Starting To Interpret Real Dreams

Understanding the meaning of your dreams can be simple if the imagery is a straightforward play of events, but some dreams are filled with complex codes.

Interpreting a dream can be as straightforward as reading this article or as convoluted as the theory of relativity. The determining factor that governs the complexity of your dream is how long you have been struggling with the issue without taking the right course of action. A direct, literal dream replays the day’s events and is straightforward, allowing you to read the dream as you see it. For example, if you are preparing for a job interview, you might have a rehearsal dream about the forthcoming interview.

Untangling the meaning

Complex issues can result in your subconscious generating code. These appear as symbols, signs or metaphors, using everything that you know about yourself and the world around you. Interpreting dreams, like any other discipline, gets easier with practice. The best starting point is to keep a dream diary. This allows you to interpret your dreams later on.

How to start interpreting your dreams

The first step towards understanding the messages in your dreams confidently is to regularly record your dreams in a dream diary. Keeping notes about your dreams will enable you to look back at the themes and images that keep recurring, giving you insight into the issues in your life that need to be addressed.

Meaning of dreams

Many dreams make no apparent sense at first glance but you will gradually i,prove your ability to decode them. To help you become familiar with dream analysis, this part of your course looks at specific dreams, then analyses the major themes. To get the full picture, the dream content is compared to what is going on in the dreamers life.

Interpreting Catherine’s dream

“I was standing by a river and saw a crocodile on the other side. It wasn’t moving , just lying on the far bank. I started wading beside the river bank  when a strong wave forced me into the river. I struggled in the water and went under a few times. I could still see the crocodile and felt really scared. I was all alone and i thought that’s it, I’m either going to drown or be eaten alive. The waved passed and the crocodile slipped into the water. Above me i could see my boyfriend Jonathan in a hot-air balloon. He kept shouting, it’s raining we’ll be fine soon, and lowered a ladder. I grabbed it but lost my grip and fell into the river again. By now i was terrified because the crocodile was next to me. ‘kick it’ shouted my boyfriend. So i did and the crocodile became nothing more than a floating log and i felt so relieved.

The dreams details

  • Theme- Swimming and crocodile
  • Characters- Me and Jonathan
  • Feelings- Scared, terrified
  • Action- Crocodile, tide, hot-air balloon
  • Special Details- My boyfriend message: “It’s raining we’ll be fine soon” and “kick it”

Making sense of Catherine’s dream symbols

The main elements in Catherine’s dreams are the implied threat  form the crocodile , the wave that represents the emotional upheaval that has swept Catherine along and the hot-air balloon, representing her facing and rising above the difficulties in her life. For Catherine her feelings of terror seem to take over her rational thoughts. From above comes the clear-thinking Jonathan who provides not a rescue but a Clare picture of the emotional problems surrounding Catherine. The water in which Catherine floats represents her emotional environment.

Security of rain

Her boyfriend tells her “It’s raining we’ll be fine soon.” rain represents financial or emotional security. Jonathan then tells her to ‘kick’ the crocodile, an obvious symbol of danger and hostility- indeed the crocodile instills  fear and apprehension in Catherine. When she defends herself against it, however, the crocodile turns out to be a harmless log. Therefore the dream suggests that there actually aren’t any real life dangers, reassuring Catherine of her safety. The emphasis of this dream is on Catherine’s emotional insecurity. The crocodile symbolises her fear of being alone. In real life, she hadn’t felt unsure of  Jonathan’s commitment to the relationship, but had been avoiding bringing up the issue.

Positive outcome

In her dream, Jonathan protects and reassures her. After this dream Catherine felt confident enough to discuss her feelings about the future with Jonathan.