Handling Stress | Illness and Health issues

The modern man’s ailment commonly known as stress can lead to many illnesses and health issues.

Symptoms range from tiredness, listlessness, anxiety, moodiness, depression, and even skin complaints. When we get stressed, we neglect ourselves and forget to take time out to relax.

Quick guide to coping with stress:

Anti-stress breathing:
· Breathe out every bit of air that you can
· Then, slowly breathe in through your nose. Breathe in from low down in your abdomen- feel your tummy expand.
· Breathe out through your mouth as slowly as you can.

Ten minute soother
· Sit somewhere comfortable
· Close your eyes and clear your mind
· Try visualizing a serene image and feel yourself relax.

Balance your life
· Make sure you get out of the house or office for some fresh air
· If you work with lots of people make sure you have some time alone at home.
· Achieve balance

Exercise is a great stress buster. When you exercise, your brain releases natural chemicals called endorphins. These combat the effects of stress, helping you to relax.

We are lucky to live in a places where you can walk around the country or to the shops. You can cycle as a family on a Saturday or Sunday around the dams or cycl areas. There are yoga teachers, men and women can both benefit from this type of exercise as well as dancing.

The most important is set realistic goals for yourself.
S  stands for specific
M stands for measurable
A stands for achievable
R  stands for realistic
T  stands for true to yourself.

Handling Stress | A quick guide | Illness and Health issues