The Sugar Issue

Sugars taste addictively awesome, supposedly ‘give you energy’ and it’s in everything from biltong, baby formula to braai sauce. Every time you have sugar (in any form) it makes you hungrier and takes you out of your fat burning zone. It does a 180° flip, leaving you with short term gratification and long term negative health side effects. It’s not import that you understand sugars it’s utterly CRITICAL!






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Some experts suggest that we will view sugar, in future, as badly as we view smoking now. Marketed as harmless proved to be destructive.
Stop the sugar cycle
Get rid of as much sugar as possible in your diet, read labels & learn what the hidden sugars are (e.g. corn syrup, maltodextrin, fructose). Do not consistently add sugar at regular intervals during the day. For the purpose of health & weight loss rather believe that all forms of sugar are as bad and need to be controlled or stopped i.e. sugar, sucrose, honey, glucose, artificial sugars, sweeteners, agave, fruit, fruit juices, fructose, alcohol, refined carbohydrates etc. Sugar will spike your insulin levels, make you store fat and feel more hungry, therefore… the sugar-hunger cycle!

Sugar fuels hunger
Sugar and carbs will make you more hungry and are generally empty calories without nutrition or fibre.

Sugar destroys health
Your body was not designed to be powered by sugar all day. Sugar feeds everything you don’t want in your body: Candida, the bad bacteria in your gut, heart disease (many believing that its sugar and not cholesterol causing heart disease), acidity, insulin spikes reportedly leading to diabetes 2, dementia, immune system issues, Alzheimer’s (referred to as diabetes 3), Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, cancer cells are reported to live on sugar, it certainly affects ADD/ADHD, your mood, hormones and your body is taken OUT OF FAT BURNING MODE for long periods of time.

Sugar makes you store fat
Sugar is a carbohydrate. You can put refined carbs and sugar into the same category (for the sake of this article), it will highly spike your insulin and when insulin is release your body will store fat (exactly where you don’t want it) 

Sugar steals quality of life
While sugar obviously won’t kill you outright, it is one of those things that can make you live a half-life. A half-life is being alive without energy, good health and mental clarity. A half life often only hits as you get older, when you have worked hard and want to start settling down to enjoy your family, retire or semi-retire.

Break the sugar addiction?
What can you do if you are a sugar addict or sweet tooth. Firstly don’t stress! Secondly it is probably best to go cold turkey and dump the junk… but you will need to replace it with something else! Many people have found that having our green smoothies (FGS) at least twice a day will help (Spinach and fruits or Kale & fruit). The idea is that the more good stuff you put into your diet, the better you will feel & the more you crave good food.

Is one sugar more dangerous?
Potentially, from many studies as early as 1924 by Otto Warburg. Fructose can be more dangerous type, Fructose is treated differently by your body compared to normal sugar and is possibly the energy source behind cancer cells. Fruit juices and the refined fructose HGCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) are possibly the worst as it’s just the sweetness without the fibre. We don’t believe in juicing fruits as you lose all the fibre and just get an unnatural amount of sweetness, seriously AVOID fruit juices! You wouldn’t eat 5-10 apples in one go so why drink all that sugary juice without the fibre.

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Is there a safe sugar?
Some have suggested that rather just go for normal cane sugar (refined or white) or glucose as it’s the least refined, certainly better than artificial sugar. Another good one to watch out for is Stevia (a root)… but its exceptionally sweet and overpowering so only use the tip of a spoon at first. But the first option is to get off sugar, just have it as part of wholefood and fruit
Is there a place for sugar?
Like anything there is place for it in your diet IF you are healthy and happy with your weight, doing a race, cheat days (but notice how hungry you are the next day). Dark organic or Dark raw chocolate is you best friend as dark chocolate is very high in fibre.



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If your dieting keeps failing and doesn’t turn into a lifestyle then do this immediately. Remove all these ingredients (give them away at the robots) and never buy them again (only have them as treats or at restaurants): sugar, cereal, bread, milk, jams, biscuits, sweets or pap, then buy a lot of vegetables that you can possibly roast or steam then freeze, nuts and any whole food (include beans, brown rice and oats potentially). Avoid low fat goods that are just full of sugar and devoid of fibre. Always cook too much and then freeze portions in packets or containers. If you don’t want to cook, then rather buy a FitChef maintenance plan that ensures you always have food and smoothies available. But whatever you do don’t slip back into old habits. #TheHardTruthYou will never have more time, or a quieter day. Life will always be busy. But you can plan ahead and order or prepare your meals in bulk so you don’t run out. Plan ahead, plan ahead plan head!! Talk to us about setting up a debit order so we just deliver enough meals, snacks and smoothies so that you don’t go back to old habits and you can maintain your health… email


Remember to only have the vegetable meals at night time, avoid rice or pasta meals for dinner. If you are hungry just have an additional smoothie or meal… good veg meal are not going to make you fat. You can always order additional meals, make scrambled egg or extra fresh veg (avoiding potatoes initially)