Superfoods equals Super You – Easy Protein Packed Fuel


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Superfoods equals Super You – Easy Protein Packed Fuel

What’s the deal with superfoods?  The term has been bantered around for a while now and some swear by these seemingly magic food sources.

But, superfoods are not magical at all.  They are, simply, foods that are nutritionally dense and will ensure you get your daily dose of nutrients and minerals.

Foods that typically fall under this banner are spinach, fruits, sweet potatoes, beans, raw nuts, certain fish and green tea.  Experts say that eating more of these superfoods will enrich your lives from the inside out.  And more so, they encourage eating them raw, i.e. not cooking them in any way.

While leading a generally healthy life, as in exercising regularly, keeping the alcohol to a minimum or none at all, lowing your sugar intake, eating a balanced diet and managing your stress levels, is recommended, it can be tough to get to it all.

And, that’s why there are ‘magicians’ like Wazoogles who bring health right to your door, all neatly packaged in an easy-to-use container.

Wazoogles offer protein shakes and blends which are complete meal replacements, have a high plant-based protein source and are packed with nutrients and organic superfoods.

When life just takes over and you can’t get to eating what you know you should, it is nice to know you can grab for a packet of Wazoogles Superfood Protein Shake, mix up and simply drink all the goodness down.

The folk of Wazoogles (cool name, right?) have taken the time and expertise to source the most nutrient-dense foods on our wonderful planet, and package it in a powder form.  All you need to do is:

  • Measure out as instructed
  • Add water or milk
  • Bananas
  • Honey and blocks of ice (if desired)
  • And blend!

And, drink, of course!

If you want to get creative, you can add other superfoods, like berries, avo, raw nuts or seeds, and just about any other fruits.  This will just super charge your drink even more.

The Wazoogles range comes in a variety of funky flavours.  With names like Chocolate Moondust, Kungfu Coffee, Plant Power,  Unicorn Berry and Vanilla Sky who wouldn’t want to snap one of these up?

Perfect for an on-the-run breakfast or pre/post workout boost, the Wazoogles range of protein shakes and blends are just a click away.

If you find you are always on the move and forget to eat, you have to pop one of these in your bag to either make at the office or shake up in a portable shaker.

Getting your daily dose of superfoods has never been easier!

Order yours today and get ready for a taste and energy impact like no other!




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