SuperThrive for Men

Men in 2015 have lifestyle and health challenges that are unique to them. Some of the things that men have to contend with include work stress, raising a family, providing for their family, maintaining their romantic and platonic relationships, strenuous exercise regimes and still enjoying a beer and some fun when they have time.

Men’s bodies are different to women’s bodies and therefore they need to take supplements that are specifically designed to maintain their health and help them deal with the challenges of daily life. Superthrive for men is specially formulated to support men’s health and contains an array of herbs that help the body to heal from the effects of stress, provide energy and boost general health.

The ingredients of SuperThrive for Men includes a variety of superfoods such as mesquite, cacao powder, maca, ginseng, hemp, fo-ti, barleygrass, hawthorn, schizandra, ashwagandha, rhodiola, taheebo and reishi mushrooms. These herbs promote optimal hormonal levels, improve adrenal function, boosts mood, tissue regeneration, and energy, and sleep quality and reproductive function.

Superthrive for men contains chlorophyll which works to alkalise and cleanse the blood. It contains the highest quality ingredients that provide minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, protein and anti-oxidants.

Superthrive for men is a cost effective product that is easy to absorb in its powdered form. It is convenient to take because it contains all the ingredients and nutrients in one product. For optimal health take 1-2T of Superthrive for men powder each day in water, smoothies, juice, hot drinks, or added to cereals, salads, soups and stews.

Superthrive for men is an allergy-free product that does not contain any dairy, gluten, soya, sugar, nuts. It is 100% vegan and all of the ingredients are organic.