Tantol Medi Skin Products

Tantol medi skin care products are quality products manufactured in South Africa and used to relieve dry skin conditions.  When skin is dehydrated or depleted of moisture, it becomes dry, flaky and even itchy.  Traditional moisturisers only lubricate the outer skin layers, but Tantol forms a barrier on the skin to retain moisture. You can win a Tantol hamper to the value of R900.

Tantol Medi SkinTantol Medi Ultra Hydrating Cream is a moisturising cream which provides relief of extreme dry skin conditions.  It contains no perfume, is colour free and contains Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil and MedilanTM.

Tantol Medi Moisturising Skin Lotion is an everyday, non greasy moisturising body lotion which contains Urea, MedilanTM and Vitamin E.  This light, non-greasy lotion should be used daily and is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Tantol Medi Dry Skin Itch Relief relieves itching caused by dry skin conditions. It moisturises and soothes the affected areas.  It contains Urea, MedilanTM and Vitamin E.

Tantol Medi Soluble Bath Oil contains Vitamin E and is an effective, soluble bath oil which provides maximum relief for dry skin.  It can be used as a soap substitute as well as amoisturiser.

Tantol Medi Hygiene Waterless Hand Wash is a waterless hand sanitiser that sanitizes your hands while moisturising them.