The Craze with Adult Colouring Books

While colouring in may be something have not done since you were in junior school and that you associate with children, adult colouring books are now all the rage. This hobby is gaining popularity as a way to meditate, de-stress and relax in our busy and overwhelming lives.

These books contain dozens of full-page images with intricate designs and are often drawn like mandalas. The repetitive nature of the image allows you to focus and de-stress as you unlock your creative side and reconnect to your inner child or memories of being young and care-free.

Art therapy has been used by many as a way to cope with depression, anxiety, PTSD and other conditions. It allows one to express without using words, as well as focus and let the subconscious mind relax. Colouring elicits similar reactions to that of meditating, like lowered heart rate, changed brainwaves and it enables us to live in the current moment. Some believe that colouring in an image helps to distract us from negative thoughts and emotions and this helps to reduce anxiety.

Buy your own adult colouring book here. This book contains beautiful illustrations which each have a Louise Hay affirmation. By colouring in the image and focusing on the affirmation your mind will focus on what you truly need and desire in life.

adult colouring books