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Goodness of salt

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The Goodness of Salt-Himalayan Crystal Salt

The goodness of salt – does that exist?  There has been a huge drive to educate folk on not using too much salt.  Don’t cook with it.  Don’t add it to your food. Don’t use salt at all.  But, there are benefits to having some salt in your life.  Besides that we need salt to maintain a good level of sodium and chloride ions in our body, salt adds great flavour to our sometimes flavourless food.  The goodness of salt can be found in many forms.

As it is with all things, too much of something is never good.  And, so, we do urge you to use salt sparingly.  A good measure is around 1 teaspoon or 6 grams of salt per day.

Himalayan salt is a great alternative to your typical table salt, and here is why.

  • A great source of rich flavourful minerals, 84 to be exact (a few to mention are calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, manganese and selenium)
  • This salt is unprocessed and non-iodised
  • Himalayan salt retains all the natural and healthy nutrients your body needs – ready to restore your body to its natural balance
  • No added chemicals here
  • There are therapeutic elements when added to your bath
  • Need a gentle exfoliation for your skin? Simply add some to your body scrub sponge
  • And this salt can be used as a cleansing daily drink (sparingly, of course)


Himalayan salt comes in various forms as well, so that the goodness of salt can be called upon throughout your day.

himalayan-coarse-crystal-salt-grinder-largeTry this Salt Grinder.  Simply pop this beaut on your dinner table and keep it handy for cooking time.  And, if you find you have run out, don’t buy another bottle, rather purchase the refill sachet.  This also makes it easier to use when you need to sprinkle a handful in your weekly bath soak.Himalayan Crystal Salt

Should you prefer not to grind your Himalayan salt, purchase the Fine Salt, available in a 1kg sachet for your convenience.Himalayan Crystal Salt Fine

If you love to entertain, serving certain foods on this fine and funky Salt plate can not only add subtle flavour to your meal, but be a real hit at your next dinner party.Himalayan Crystal Salt Plate

We love this next little treat, and although we have been chatting about cooking and the balancing our bodies, this item can be a great addition to your equestrian friend’s life.  The Himalayan Crystal Salt Lick is perfect to add to your horse’s daily nutrients, especially those lacking and with Himalayan Crystal Salt Lickdietary deficiencies.  Not only is this great for your horses but for any of your pets.  A little lick here and there will give their system that boost they need.  Hang it up wherever your furry friends frequent, perhaps their food area, and see how they come back every now and then for a little lick.


As you can see, salt needn’t be the enemy.  Simply, use salt in moderation, and consider Himalayan Crystal Salt to get your daily dose of the goodness of salt.





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