The Power Of Colour

Colour therapists look deeply into the healing vibrations of all the different colour energies, as well as into the individual requirements of their clients and the results of therapy sometimes have life changing consequences. Colour healing can actually work on the cell structure of the body and, as a result there is evidence of success in treating different ailments.

Colour and Mood:

Energisingred is the colour of primal energy. It is the colour of  passion and of strength, motivation and physical drive. It rouses us to activity and fills us with energy to get things done. It is the pioneering spirit, the revolutionary, the extrovert. Red is the colour of the base chakra and is associated with instinct, survival and security. Red raises the blood pressure and quickens the heart beat. it increases the body temperature, alerts, and excites.

UpliftingOrange and yellow are uplifting colours, stimulating and enlivening. Orange being the colour of the sacral chakra, is the hue most closely associated with joy and excitement, movement, and creativity. Yellow at the solar plexus chakra, is connected to the ego, will, intellect, and feelings of detachment. Although orange and yellow radiate distinctly different energies, both are warm and optimistic colours with the ability to cheer our mood and raise our spirits.

Balancinggreen is the colour associated with balance and harmony. It is in the middle of the visible spectrum and it is the neutral colour-neither hot nor cold. Green represents equilibrium. It is the colour of the heart chakra and is healing for all matters concerning the heart. Green is also the colour of nature.  It is honest, stable and reliable. It is the colour of kindness, compassion, caring and sharing. Green is comforting and stress relieving.

RefreshingTurquoise is a mixture of green and blue, and it has something of the nature of both. It is vibrant and youthful in character, reviving and invigorating. Like the colours of pure, fresh water, Turquoise is cool and clean, with a clarity that can ease the flow of communication and expression. Turquoise is protective, boosting both our physical and our emotional immunity. It soothes away tension and stress, and can help whenever we feel vulnerable or nervous.

Calming –  Blue is the colour for calm. Like a clear summer’s sky, it is infinite and heavenly. Blue is cooling, Pacifying, and comforting and it helps us to wind down, adopt a more leisurely peace, and simply relax. It slows the heart beat, blood pressure drops, and we begin to breathe more deeply as blue relaxes both the muscles and the mind, Blue is the colour for communication, imagination, and inner strength. With it come quiet peace and serenity.

MeditativeViolet is the colour most associated with a meditative environment. it is a hue to inspire contemplation and introspection and, and since it is also the colour of the third eye chakra, violet is intimately connected to intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic opening. Violet helps to develop insight and perception, and it is the colour of dignity and self-respect. Violets very fine and high vibration make it an elevating, gentle, and soothing colour.

RomanticPink is the colour that is probably most closely associated with love and romance. It is gentle and soothing, and an extremely feminine colour. The warm and caressing shades of pink are caring and affectionate. Pink is like green sometimes seen as the colour of the heart chakra. It is the nurturing colour of love and self-love, and is tender, protective and full of compassion.

GroundedBrown is the most grounding of all the colours. The influence of this colour helps to bring us down to earth and make us feel rooted and connected with a constant force of energy, and consciously bringing this into our homes can assist us in feeling supported and stronger in ourselves. Nature supplies us with unlimited sources of this colour inspiration.


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