The Power of your Dreams – Work It Out with Oracle Cards


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We have all had weird dreams that play on our minds and make us ponder life itself.  Well, now you don’t need to ponder anymore.  Angel Dream Oracle Cards can give you all the answers you need and more.

Angel Dreams Oracle CardsWhen you go to sleep at night, Doreen and Melissa Virtue believe that the angels, your unconscious mind and the universe itself are sending you messages of guidance.We explore the literally mind blowing world of dreams and what they can mean to you.  With Doreen and Melissa to hold your hand, you can use your dreams to path your way to success, learning how to take full advantage of the power of your subconscious mind and the invisible powers arounds around us.The experts tell us that an average person dreams every night between 90 minutes and 2 hours.  We may not always remember our dreams, but if you do want to make the most of these moments in your life, be sure to write the dream down as soon as you wake up.  A tip is to have a notepad and pen next to your bed for quick and easy note taking.We delve into a few common elements that appear in dreams and what they mean.dreams


Water depicts your emotions, and dependent on the texture of the water, i.e. clear, murky, sandy, etc, this equates to your emotional state at the time.


Whenever there are people in your dream, which is often, they are generally a reflection of yourself, your traits, your moods, your skills, and your characteristics.  Sometimes they will be people you know and that then can mean that person or persons are on your mind or there is a current happening related to them.  If the people are not known, they are a direct correlation to yourself.  So, watch what they are doing to find out clues.


While you may think dreaming about death is a bad omen, it often is just a symbol of a change in your life. You may be changing jobs. You may be moving away from a relationship.  You may move home.


dreamsWhile a scary moment to be in, and we are sure you have heard that if you fall and don’t wake up before you fall you will die, falling isn’t that ominous.  Falling can mean a letting go, a releasing of something, whether it be your emotive state, or a physical person in your life, or perhaps a habit.


A baby is a new life and if you look closely you will see that there is something new beginning in your life when you dream of a baby or babies.  Perhaps you will have a new idea for a project or business.  Maybe you will start something that will mean you will begin to grow in a certain area.dreamsWhile there are many more elements and we could literally write a book around these, we urge you to purchase Doreen and Melissa’s beautifully illustrated card deck, Angel Dream Oracle Cards, and find out more about how your dreams can help you in life in general.And, we all need a little help in this thing called life, don’t we?




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