Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has probably been sitting in your kitchen for years, but apart from the occasional use on salads, you don’t really know what else to do with it. The truth is that apple cider vinegar is one of the healthiest and most versatile liquids in the world. It’s made from apple juice during a twofold fermenting process and the healthiest kind to buy is the organic, unpasteurized vinegar that still has the “mother” in it.

Here are some uses and wellness benefits of apple cider vinegar:
herbazone apple cider vinegar• After sun care. After a day in the sun, put a few capfuls of apple cider vinegar into a warm bath and soak away the painful burn!

• Balance the PH of your skin. You can put some apple cider vinegar onto cotton wool and use it as a toner. It will remove dirt and also works wonders to fight acne, age spots and scars.

• Get shiny hair. After shampooing your hair, use apple cider vinegar as a rinse. Use 1 tablespoon of vinegar diluted with water in a bottle. Use this rinse a few times a week for shiny and full hair.

• Lose weight. Studies have shown that 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar taken each day with a glass of water aids weight-loss. This may be due to its content of acetic acid. Get Herbazone apple cider vinegar capsules here

• Boost your lymph. This vinegar helps to break up mucous and clean out the lymph glands.

Natural flea-repellent. One part vinegar and one part water can be sprayed on your pet’s fur and rubbed in until the fur is saturated. Continue this for about a week and marvel as the fleas disappear.

• Create wellness. Apple cider vinegar may boost wellness by balancing the body’s PH. This encourages proper body detoxification. Apple Cider Vinegar contains malic acid which improves energy, and the natural enzymes it contains can help rid your body of candida. Candida is yeast that can become overgrown in the body and cause symptoms of thrush, fatigue, brain fog and others.

• Improve blood sugar. The effect of apple cider vinegar on blood sugar levels is a very impressive health benefit. There are several studies that support these claims and everyone who wants to prevent diabetes and especially those who have diabetes should be taking this vinegar daily.

• Remove warts. Put some apple cider vinegar soak cotton wool under a plaster and onto your wart. Leave this on overnight and do this nightly routine for a week and see your wart dry up and fall off.

• Drain cleaner. Chemical drain cleaners result in toxic exposure for you and your children. Baking soda sprinkled in the drain, followed by apple cider vinegar and left for 15 minutes before being washed out with clean water.

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