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shamanic healing

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With its roots firmly placed in the dark realms of history, shamanic healing has often been considered a mystifying practice to the uninformed but actually, the principles are very simple. It is a therapy that works on creating a balance of energy throughout the body and there are various methods used to create this balance. Shamanism is unsurprisingly shrouded in mystery and the theory is that the shaman taps into a reality that is outside of time and space as we know it. Connecting with their spirit guides whilst in an altered state of consciousness, the healing process can truly begin.

Sometimes everyday living can seem like hard work. If you feel less energetic than usual and your positivity has been dampened by everyday pressures, shamanic healing can help to ward off any feelings of lethargy. Shamanism has seen a marked resurgence in popularity lately as so many people begin to feel the pressures of working long hours or are struggling to survive financially. Stress can have a severe impact on health causing some long term and difficult conditions, shamanic healing can help to undo the blockages that can hamper the flow of energy throughout the body eradicating the potential to fall ill.

The shamanic healer will address the loss of energy whilst removing any negativity and this will start to improve health. If this age old therapy holds appeal, know that just to add to the feelings of mystery, the shamanic healer may use drums and rattles whilst chanting during the healing session and will often begin to burn herbs or incense in the ancient art of ‘smudging’. The shaman is likely to tap into the spirit realms searching for advice to help with your healing and many of those who have attended a shamanic healing session are often given mantras to learn and to use thereafter.

Shamanic healing utilises many resources including hands-on healing which is very similar to the sensations experienced during a reiki session. Shamanic healing may provide the potential for healing that many therapies do not, the chance to be involved in a ritualistic but nurturing process that can restore your energy levels and vitality to their maximum levels.






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