Valentines Day in Sweden

Valentines Day in Sweden is celebrated in a unique way. Rises, jelly hearts and pastries are an important part of the Valentines Day celebrations in Sweden.

On Valentines Day, the citizens of Sweden make a visit to Stockholm (the capital of Sweden), to take a look at the Valentines Day celebrations of Stockholm or to be a part of the Stockholm Valentine celebrations.
The waterways and the parks that are situated in Stockholm are graced with lights for the occasion of Valentines Day.

The hotels of Sweden offers special packages for the occasion of Valentines Day and also offers special food and makes arrangements for dance and music. The flower shops of Sweden offer flowers that vary from each other in their shape, size and colour to its citizens for the occasion of Valentines Day. The nightclubs, the bars and the discos of Sweden makes arrangements for events that are related to Valentines Day and these events have gained much popularity among the young citizens of Sweden.

The young children and the teenagers of Sweden spent the Valentines Day with their family members or close friends or with their Valentine