Vision Blurred? Are you Banting?

Vision Blurred? Are you Banting?

One of the unexpected side effects when first getting your blood sugar under control, is that your vision can change. There is always fluid inside your eye, and even in the lenses in your eyes. As the blood sugar in the rest of your body drops, the amount of sugar in your eyes stays high.

Instead of the sugar draining out of your eyes, water is pulled in instead by osmosis, to try dilute the sugar concentration. The extra water is enough to change the shape of your eye, and the shape of the lens, sort of like filling a water balloon, and the change in shape will cause a distortion in your .After a couple of weeks, the extra sugar and water slowly move out of the eyes, and as the pressure within the eyes becomes more normal, returns to normal too.

Unfortunately, doctors too often forget to warn their patients that this can happen, even though it is very distressing to the people who experience it.

It’s really unfortunate when someone goes to an optometrist during this time and even the optometrist doesn’t pick up the connection. A person can end up with a new pair of glasses with a prescription that is out of date almost before they get the glasses.

You can expect your to return in a couple of weeks, once your blood sugar has remained a new, lower level for a while. It’s not the meds, and it will not last.”

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