Vit C Travel Pack

The new NRF VitC 1000 Travel pack is a convenient method of taking vitamin C when out and about.  Useful for holiday or business trips, they can easily be slipped into pockets or travel bags and take up no room at all.

Although generally identified with fighting colds and flu, Vitamin C has wide reaching health benefits and is required for many physiological functions in the body such as biosynthesis of collagen, L carnitine and some very important neurotransmitters.  It is an important physiological antioxidant, plays an important role in immune function as well as in the absorption of some forms of iron and is also involved in protein metabolism.   Another benefit of Vitamin C is that when taken after an evening of over indulgence,  it can help to replenish the body’s Vitamin C and detoxify alcohol, therefore minimizing tissue damage and hangover discomfort.  (Dr Ann Marie  Helminsteine  Ph D).

In order to assist in preventing and treating colds and flu and as ongoing good health maintenance, NRF Health has a full range of Vitamin C products to suit everyone. Buffered Vitamin C is suitable for people who suffer with acidic condition and delicate stomachs.

  • NRF VitC 1000 Travel Pack – buffered Vitamin C sachets and contain Bioflavonoids
  • NRF Vita-C 2000 – buffered Vitamin C effervescent powder with Bioflavonoids
  • NRF Vita-C 300 – buffered Vitamin C tablets with Bioflavonoids
  • NRF Vita-Zinc – are supplements which assist with colds and flu

The most acceptable recommended amount of Vitamin C for a daily diet seems to be up to 1000mg, however various factors such as smoking or illness may affect the amount the body may best need.  NRF Vita-Zinc assists with colds and sore throat protection.  All products are suitable for the whole family and the NRF Vita-C effervescent products can be safely given to children and are easily administered when dissolved in water.

NRF VitC1000 box of seven sachets retails for around R35, NRF Vita-C2000 effervescent powder for R100, NRF Vita-C300 tablets for R55 and NRF Vita-Zinc tablets for R55.


Vitamin C travel pack