You Time!  Because you deserve it!

you time

You time is here!  There is something special and super relaxing about running hot water, pouring in last year’s Mother’s Day bubble bath, watching the bubbles form and then sinking your tired and aching body into blissful escape.

Add to this peaceful vision a glass of your fave vino and some soothing tunes.

Music can take us into a world like no other.  A world where you can shut away the outside and simply imagine the sights and sounds brought to you through the notes.

So, you have the bath ready and the wine.  What about the music?  Not sure what to play?

Well, no worries.  We have the perfect ‘you time’ music for this occasion.

Let’s start with a real winner.  The Venice Collection of Spiritual Journeys of the World – Music for Relaxation from Andreas.  Whether you have been to Venice or not, you will be mesmerised and enthralled by the beautiful tunes.  You will be taken through the narrow canals with old historical buildings surrounding you, as you float through romantic Italy.

And, if you want something a little more exotic, try Andrea’s Mediterranean Islands compilation and enjoy the warm sun on your face, figuratively of course.

For a more spiritual daydream, pop his Bali Spiritual Journeys World tunes in and imagine your toes sinking into soft white sand, while you sip on a strawberry daiquiri.

And, when you need the constant mantra of beating drums to lull you into a land forgotten, then Spirit of the Shaman by Niall is just what the doctor ordered.

Have you ever been to India?  A land of diverse cultures.  And, of varied faiths and spiritual awakenings.  No?  Well, get ready to experience The Rain Garden through India Spiritual Journeys of the World.  A journey of 23 years of mystery and history.

No matter your choice of music for your ‘you time’ be sure to let yourself go, let your mind take you away, even just for a moment.  Spending time by yourself is very important for your well-being and to help you to reboot your mind, body and soul, music can be your go-to.

We understand that dependent on your mood certain music will appeal to you more.  And, that is why we are suggesting a variety of avenues.  From Bali to India. From islands to Italy. And, right to the tribal beats, you will most definitely find the right vibe for your ‘you time’.