HerbaZone Herbamune


Herbamune is a nutritional supplement formulated to boost and support the immune system.


Now with Iron 5mg (elemental ) and Selenium 50mcg (elemental)

Herbamune is a nutritional supplement formulated to boost and support the immune system. A compromised immune system cannot protect the body sufficiently against viral, bacterial and fungal infections, making it susceptible to a variety of opportunistic illnesses and diseases. If you lead a hectic lifestyle, eat an unhealthy diet, feel tired regularly or suffer from frequent illnesses, Herbamune is the supplement for you.

It contains the powerful immune boosting herbs Sutherlandia, African Potato, Spirulina, Rooibos and Kelp together with a wide spectrum of vitamins, amino acids, beta cytosterols and zinc.

Herbamune should be taken on a continuous daily basis to prevent contracting diseases, or during illnesses to expedite recuperation, shorten the duration of the acute attack and boost energy levels.

Herbamune is also indicated for persons who are HIV positive to improve the quality of life and to suppress the viral count.

Dosage: Take 1 to 2 capsules daily. Warning: Herbamune is not purported to be a cure or a prophylactic for the contraction of HIV/AIDS.

Each capsule contains: % RDA Sutherlandia 125 mg NA Spirulina 125 mg NA African Potatoe 15 mg NA Beta Cytosterols 10 mg NA Kelp 10 mg NA Rooibos Tea Extract 5 mg NA L-Glutamic Acid 9.3 mg NA L-Leucine 5.8 mg NA L-Aspartic Acid 8.6 mg NA L-Lysine 6.2 mg NA L-isoleucine 5 mg NA L-Valine 5.1 mg NA L-Proline 4.3 mg NA L-Threoline 3.8 mg NA L-Alanine 4.5 mg NA L-Serine 3.6 mg NA L-Tyrosine 5.8 mg NA L-Phenylalanine 4 mg NA L-Cysteine 3.3 mg NA L-Arginine 4.8 mg NA L-Methionine 1.2 mg NA L-Glycene 4.5 mg NA L-Histidine 3.6 mg Na Vitamin A 250 RE 25 % Vitamin D 1.25 mcg 25 % Vitamin E 2.5 TE 25 % Vitamin C 65 mg 108% Vitamin B1 0.35 mg 25% Vitamin B2 0.4mg 25% Vitamin B6 0.5 mg 25% Vitamin B12 0.3 mcg 25 % Folic Acid 0.05 mg 25 % Biotin 0.025 mg 25 % Nicotinamide 4.5 mg 25 % Calcium Pantothenate 1.5 mg 25 % Zinc Sulphate 3.75 mg 25 %

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