Book Review: Raising Superheroes

“Raising Superheroes” is the much anticipated sequel to Tim Noake’s best-selling Banting book “The Real Meal Revolution”. This time Tim Noakes is joined by Chef Jonno Proudfoot and paediatric dietician, Bridget Surtees in this beautiful book about Banting for kids.

This book is written in a manner that takes you through the ideal eating habits for your child from when they are in utero all the way through the different stages of infancy, childhood and teenage years.

The Banting lifestyle for kids is by no means a diet and is rather a lifestyle to promote healthy metabolism, development, brain health, behavior ad all over health. It seeks to remove sugar and refined carbohydrates from the diet, along with processed and junk food items, while promoting natural, unprocessed whole foods like meat, chicken, fish, eggs, full cream dairy, vegetables and fruit, nuts, seeds, quinoa, oats and millet.

Children who eat a diet high in sugar and processed foods tend to have poor immunity, concentration and behaviour. If you feed your child a diet high in healthy fat and moderate in protein and unprocessed carbohydrates they are more likely to be calm, focused, and healthier and even have better sleeping patterns. The fat content of the meals will make them fuller for longer so they won’t be ravenous when they get home from kindergarten or school.

While your child may still eat junk food on the odd occasion, if you teach them why their body needs the proper nutrition they will be more likely to make healthy choices on their own. This will also prevent screaming matches at meal time.

This book has a variety of delicious recipes and uses carbohydrates in the form of fruit and unprocessed grains much more liberally than the adult version of this book. The recipes also include healthier versions of several well-loved, classic dishes.

The design of the book is eye-catching and the pictures are beautiful which will make you even more likely to want to cook the recipes, and your kids will probably be enticed to join in too!

A very low-carb Banting diet has been shown to benefit children with epilepsy, but if your child does not have this condition they can eat carbohydrates in the form of fruit and unprocessed whole grains.

Do yourself and your children a favour and buy “Raising Superheroes” today!