Valentines Day in Spain

Valentine’s Day in Spain gives much emphasis on the Valentine presents. It is the usual practice of the husbands to gift their wives bunches of flowers and unmarried couples exchange other gifts.

The most common gifts to be given on this day are roses to the girls from their sweethearts and books to the men from their girls.

Couples, whether married or unmarried are at their amorous best. As mentioned earlier, make shift gift stalls dot the cities before and on Valentine’s Day.

The main street of Barcelona, Las Ramblas, has uncountable flower and book stalls. The main flower to be given is rose. The association of rose as the flower of love and affection is centuries old and will remain the perennial favourite. Though Valentine’s Day in Spain is not officially a holiday, amorous couples still spend the day together, careless of its being a holiday or not. There are many outdoor spots which are also frequented by the loving couples. Parties and dances complete the day

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