Sexual Healing

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Our Sexual Energy is one of the most powerful energies we have. In fact it is the fundamental energy of who we are as this is what brought us into being, what gave us life. Our sexual energy affects every aspect of our lives. It influences our creativity, our personal power, our sense of self-worth and self-confidence, our general health and more. Because of this power, we are able to use this energy for much more than we are generally aware of

One example of this healing. The highest and most we are expressed through our ability to love and one of the surest manifestations of this love is its physical side. The deepest and darkest parts of us are also expressed in our sexuality. Using this energy in a healing context allows us to balance the dark and light side of our natures. Internal balance leads to external balance, a state of congruity between our inner and outer worlds. This balance is the goal of many esoteric and growth paths. What a wonderful path to travel, the road of sacred pleasure.

By learning to access and build this energy we are able to heal not only a range of sexual problems, but also so many related issues that are linked to self-worth, judgement, feeling stifled and unhappy as well as the physical manifestations of these conditions.Sexual energy and creative energy are one and the same. Our creativity is expressed in 3 ways. The first is by being able to reproduce, to have babies. The second is artistic creativity, however we choose to express that. Some will draw or paint, others will sculpt or potter or play music, plant beautiful gardens.

There are so many outlets for creative expression. The third aspect of this energy is to create ourselves and our lives the way we like them to be. This includes our relationships, jobs, friendships etc. A free flowing, healthily expressed sexuality contributes enormously to all aspects of creative expression.

The path of healing using our sexual energy offers a new paradigm. In the past the healing process has been linked to pain. If it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t work, no pain, no gain. Using the energy of sexuality we can use the power of gentleness to heal so much in a short space of time.

The attitude of society towards our genitals has led us to the belief that our genitals are often separate to the rest of us. My nose is always my nose but genitals are down there in private places. This belief keeps us in a state of separation and prevents us from being complete Because of this we put all the events, thoughts and feelings that we don’t want to look at in our genitals. We do this because it’s safe.

We know we are not going to our genitals for healing or growth or self-knowledge. Until we have integrated our genitals into ourselves, we will never be complete or whole. This is like having a shirt in the cupboard that we will never wear. Every time we open the cupboard we see that shirt and know we will never put it on. We might move house 10 times, lose weight, put on weight; we will never throw that shirt out.

On the path of healing and growth we will attend all manner of workshops and therapies, acknowledge the emotional patterns of our bodies and their physical manifestations. But we won’t go to our genitals. This is our next challenge




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